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The previous NewSoft Mac products are 32-bit apps. You may get the warning message when running on Mac OS Mojave and please select the OK option to allow the software installation or access to documents and data in Finder function.


- PageManager 9.x Mac OEM series (bundled):

Please contact the hardware manufacturer for further help.


- PageManager 9.50 Mac ESD/Retail series and older versions are 32-bit apps. 

It supports for the 32-bit TWAIN driver and ICA drive.

The 64-bit app is under developing and will be available before Mac OS 10.15 in order to do more compatibility test.
Please visit our product page for upgrade information.


- BizCard 7.60 and newer versions are the 64-bit app.

It supports the 64-bit TWAIN driver and ICA drive.


Note: Regarding the other older Mac products, we regret to inform you that we are no longer provide the updates for these versions.