PageManager 7.x > How to use > How to scan multiple pages and save to a single PDF file with PageManager?
Firstly, you have to make sure your scanner and driver support multi-page scanning and that your scanner has an ADF (Auto Document Feeder).
After scanning the pages, the scanned images will be automatically stacked and represented as a thumbnail on the default folder or PageManager . (Stacked documents have a mark at the bottom right corner of the thumbnail that looks like two opposing triangles of different colors.)
Please follow these steps:
1. Select the document stack, or select several scanned images that you want to save as PDF.
2. Select "Save as PDF" from the File menu, or click the "Save as PDF" icon on the Toolbar.
3. Type a name for the PDF file in the Save As dialog box, and then click Save.
4. A dialog box will open. Select Save all pages in one document, and then click OK to save the PDF file.
5. After saving the PDF, refresh the PageManager desktop by right-clicking on any blank space and choosing the Refresh command.
6. The PDF document will be represented as a thumbnail in the default folder.