RealArc Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) was designed by NewSoft specifically for Taiwan's Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) in 2001, and for 11 years, the system has had hundreds of thousands of users every day.

Whether it is day to day office administration or resource management, NewSoft OA can be used under the RealArc resource management system.

Enterprise administration systems in Taiwan are referred to as EIP, Enterprise Information Portals. If you are looking for EIP, then you should look at the NewSoft OA RealArc resource management system.

Our systems features a built-in mail server, you can save hundreds of thousands from the cost of establishing a mail server. In addition there is built-in conference room booking and vehicle management, bulletins sent for items received, voting, travel management, conferencing, and other diverse functions.

NewSoft OA RealArc under the Resource Management System (EIP), has new efforts to improve international NewSoft OA product features, functionality, consistency, ease of use, and easy integration with other systems. There will be new features introduced each quarter, from a company with 10 years of sustainable enterprise software development.

We have introduced our own specific applications, like the iPhone, iPad, and Android that can downloaded exclusively, without opening a phone browser--just click, and immediately use. There are reminders in the system behind the service, dedicated to the EIP system that a busy boss or business colleague can use.

There are hundreds of companies using our EIP system. Our own R & D team, offers complete import consultancy services, no general dealer or agent can compare with our company's business.

NewSoft OA Cloud Enterprise product system, in addition to EIP system, in the future will expand into other product systems and be upgraded directly, without an additional installation, so that enterprise systems manage to achieve the most efficient use.

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