Most project management software on the market seems to be designed for programming companies, and almost no collaborative project management systems are available. Actually project management is not only applied to programming organizations, the daily operations of any industry can also be considered as a project only different in duration and joint members.

What is a project? A project is simply defined as a collaborative activity that is carefully planned to achieved a particular aim, and consisting of teams within or across organizations under time constraints, which frequently involve steps like requirement definition, task generation, progress tracking, auditing, and termination. Different team members might be in charge of different tasks in different phrases, and they communicate with each other all the time to ensure efficiency and quality of the project. To accomplish the task on time and to gain the maximum benefit to the organization, the members must master every essential task.

Many bosses, project managers or information officers are badly in need of a project management system. Internationally famous project management systems may cost millions of dollars, and it is best applied to companies with thousands of employees. Given the complex interface and difficult operation, it proves inaccessible to small and medium-sized companies.

What's the best choice for small and medium-sized industries?

80% of the customers are seeking for a project management system that can work in different places at different times, allowing members in different offices to give timely reports to the manager. With the collaborative management platform, the wasted effort caused by scattered resource can be prevented. In this way, it forms a collaborative operating environment is just like a team, so that every member can create maximum value for the company.

NewSoft OA lets the manager review the work progress through an IE browser. Together with the project management functions, the manager can also see all the resources in the process. With the permission settings feature, each member can see different projects, so that all the work can be carried out smoothly and orderly. The intuitive and uniform interface of NewSoft OA makes it easy to use. Combined with the NewSoft OA project management system, the operating progress of the company becomes more standardized, and speedy, which decreases costs and improves the interest.

Guide to Project Management
NewSoft OA is a flexible tool, not specified to a particular industry. For any industry, just apply its own know-how system, NewSoft OA would become a unique and exclusive project management tool. Let’s see a brief introduction to several features of the system.

Abstract of Project Management
This is a quick view of the project status for participating members. Users can only see the project with shared permissions, and the related information, such as start date, finish date, project manager, and project name will be shown here.

To check the Schedule Performance Index (SPI), click the View SPI tab, and select the project to view.
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)=Executed Value (EV)/Predicted Value (PV)

Executed:the actual working day
Predicted: the estimated working day
SPI: Executed/Predicted

SPI>1.0 means ahead of schedule, while SPI<1.0 means behind schedule.

Tracking Tasks
With the NewSoft OA project management system, you can assign projects to be tracked or reported to a person, asking for instant and interactive feedback. NewSoft OA assigns tasks to a person responsible for reports, and only shares tasks with others concerned with the project but not responsible for reporting. Project members have an easier way to share their reports no matter if they are reporting to-do events or filling the time tables. So do the managers get the project progress.

Group Calendars
Little changes happen to the project progress each day. So sharing man-hours with other members for instant communication and collaboration is a great concern.

With "Group Calendar", you can not only view all the team schedules but also verify the schedule of every member. Group calendar gives you the man-hours of every member and can convert the statistics to a Time Table, combining the calendar with daily records.

The calendar integrates project tasks and personal status reports under the To be Handled list, shortens the report time greatly, letting the users and viewers acquire the resource synchronization in the shortest time.

Meeting Minutes
Periodical meetings are essential for team members to communicate about project progress and problems during every project. NewSoft's unique OA can convert Meeting Minutes to To do List, thus, all the meeting minutes will be an inevitable task for every employee. The meeting minutes can not only be tracked weekly but also be exported for them to organize easily.

Project Members
NewSoft's OA Project Management provides a Project Members page, displaying the contact information for every member in this project including mobile phone number, ext. and e-mail. The latest contact information of the team members makes communication between the members at home and abroad more easily, greatly enhancing interactivity.

Forum Center
All team members can talk about problems about the project interactively in the discussion forum. Records are kept in the form of articles, viewers can choose whether to reply to posts and whether to inform the members when they post articles, letting all the members acquire instant messages on current events.

It is certain that the project manager with the highest privilege can delete or modify some inappropriate articles to insure the integrity of the discussion.

Document Management
By the network disk of the project management, you can organize the documents by uploading or sharing them, creating folders to sort them, and only the project members can view these documents.

The project manager with the highest privileges can make use of built-in rights settings to authorize specific members to upload, edit, or delete files.

Rights Settings
NewSoft's OA project management provides the project manager full rights to add, edit, or delete entire contents of a project. You can view the report status of every task or reply to members about the reported task status. However, interactive reports can be recorded in the system for easier viewing in the future.

If many people are need to edit the same project, the project manager can click and open the managers settings to authorize more people the rights for editing and maintaining the project.

Group Management for Projects
While the project members increase to a certain degree, everyone would like a custom folder to manage the project. NewSoft's OA project management can help you no matter if the project is in progress or closed, and every member can manage the project according to their habits.
Note: Except for custom group management, the system enables the manager to set group management jointly and the group can be set according to the rules and norms.
View All To Do
The To Be Handled for each member will be listed so that the supervisors can view the current workload. Each member may be involved in several projects, however, as a manager, you need to view all current projects to be handled through View All To Do when you assign tasks. The supervisor or the manager can make schedules in a reasonable way after verifying the status.

Man-Hours Statistics
NewSoft's OA can automatically filter the man-hour statistics of workers you would like to view, you can also view or print it and the system will help you to count the man-hours and the proportion it took up in the duration of the project.

This reporter makes it easy for you to capture the man-hours statistics, which is rather difficult to count, and provides great help for enhancing the project efficiency and progress, reducing manpower and organizing the related materials.

  1. Each project has project contents, tasks, Gantt charts, calendars, meeting minutes, project members, and its forum centers.
  2. Company projects are managed electronically, making members only see the projects they have participated in.
  3. Each member is given different privileges for accessing to the project.
  4. Project folders are displayed in tree view, which is convenient for managing and searching.
  5. Sorting completed projects by folders gives future users an easy way to view and learn.
  6. Set Start Date, Finish Date, Managers of Dept. that handles the project, Project Manager, Project Members, and Project Contents.
  7. Each project has a bulletin board where project manager can give notices to project members.
  8. Project tasks are integrated with to-do events. Project tasks are all included in the lists of member's to-do events.
  9. Project tasks are automatically shown in Gantt charts--no need to use other tools to create Gantt charts.
  10. Show calendars with project events. The events relevant to projects are shown on the calendar.
  11. Meeting Minutes in Project Management help to record project matters in the meeting. Members can access it anytime.
  12. Documents can be attached to the meeting minutes, so that project members can acquire what they need while reading the minutes.
  13. When minutes for a meeting is sent, the items recorded will be assigned to member to-do events synchronously.
  14. List contact information for project members, letting them easily contact each other.
  15. Each project has a forum center for members to discuss project issues online. The forum is created when a new project is set up.
  16. Project members contact each other online freely by the Messenger product developed by an exclusive manufacture. It is a good way to save both cost and time.
  17. The approval workflow system supports using the same accounts as the project management system.
  18. Project folders are divided into layers with no limitation.
  19. Give an instant Gantt chart online based on proportions of progress reported by project members.
  20. Set privileges for projects by accounts and groups.
  21. You can decide whether to notify project members or not by e-mail when project documents are changed.
  22. Project frameworks and tasks can be exported in CSV format, which works well with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project software.
  23. Upload and download a large number of folders and documents.
  24. Each project has dedicated disk space. Project managers will give different limits of rights and access for the disk space.
  25. Project Managers decide whether to give members authorities to add or delete projects.
  26. By SPI, an index of performance assessment, Manager can check if completion status is ahead of or behind schedule.