Skewed files files in the wrong orientation or different document file types — in the document scanning and recognition process many external factors can affect recognition rates. A large number of scanned forms can require a lot of time to sort out.


NewSoft develops various intelligent recognition improvements such as document deskewing automatic orienting automatic cropping and automatic form dispatching to meet various customized requirements for multi-document management systems.

NewSoft Document Deskew, Automatic Orientation, Automatic Cropping, Form Dispatching Modules:

-Document Deskew module automatically detects a tilted file and corrects it before processing.
-Automatic Orientation module confirms the direction of the file and adjust the orientation to help speed up document processing.-
-Automatic Cropping module cuts a large number of scanned business cards by detecting the content and images and separating individual cards.
-Automatic Form Dispatching module scans various forms and automatically dispatches them to the specified folders according to preset file templates.

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