NewSoft's Face Recognition and Smart Print Solutions - Software Exposition Innovation Highlights

The 2015 Taipei Software Expo held by NewSoft and the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry attracted more than 100,000 visitors. The four-day exhibition focused on the theme of smart tourism and a demonstration was given in the cloud & big data exhibition hall on how Face Recognition, Interactive Activities, and Cloud Printing were well integrated and how they would serve people better in our future lives.

With Face Recognition Technology, ANYPost Becomes One of the Best Marketing Tools
NewSoft’s digital signage product, embedding Face Recognition technology and a built-in camera that can count the number of visitors and identify genders and ages. Advertisers can prepare advertisements and information in signage machines and instantly project matching advertising messages to attract visitors who are passing by. That’s how we get effective marketing results. Accumulating and analyzing face recognition data helps to get accurate information. Enterprises are provided with quarterly or periodical activity arrangements for marketing plans that get results.

Interactive Signage Activities with Cloud Printing for Fun and Convenience
With technology leading to an intelligent world that makes our life more convenient than ever, NewSoft launches its new product. ANYPost Digital Signage, our cloud-featured digital signage machine holds many interactive activities such as leaving messages using QRcode technology, helping store owners get together to organize events, and integrating accounts across communities. All this and sharing experiences and pictures makes our signage machine more informative and interesting. Moreover, with Cloud Print, ANYPost helps visitors instantly print tickets or travel maps for convenient journeys. Contact Miss Zhuang, if you need more information: contactus@newsoft.com.tw