NewSoft Announced ANYPost at the 2015 Taipei Software Exposition

NewSoft announced the birth of ANYPost Digital Signage (ANYPost) at the 2015 Taipei Software Exposition, a joint exhibition held by NewSoft and the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry from July 3rd to July 6th. With the theme of Smart Tourism, the Expo was the perfect place to demonstrate how ANYPost Digital Signage integrates Face Recognition, Interactive Experiences, and Cloud Printing and how they will be applied in the tourism industry.

Face Recognition Technology Makes ANYPost an Ideal Marketing Tool

NewSoft’s ANYPost Digital Signage uses Face Recognition technology and a built-in camera to count the number of visitors as well as to identify their gender and age. Advertisers can develop a big-data system for long-term analysis. This product lets advertisers prepare video resources in advance based on the background of visitors. They will be able to project appropriate information to attract passing visitors. That’s how we get effective marketing results. By accumulating and analyzing face recognition data and the variety of parameters, the quarterly and yearly activity and marketing plans are made out and are more effective. Big-data systems make the tourism industry services better.

[Interactive Activities + Face Recognition + Cloud Print] for Effective Customer Communication

Technology ushers in an intelligent world that makes life more convenient than ever. NewSoft’s ANYPost Digital Signage not only brings weather reports, tourism maps, bus routes, accommodation information, and more, but also makes possible interactive activities, such as using QRCode technology, integrating accounts across communities, and sharing experiences and pictures. Our Cloud Print technology lets tourists instantly print tickets or tour maps for more convenient journeys. Our Face Recognition allows wonderful moments to be captured anytime for recording precious trip journals and photo albums.