NewSoft Release DVD Authoring for the Home User

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Fremont, CA - June 25, 2002 - NewSoft America Inc., a leading provider of innovative software solutions for imaging peripherals is proud to release two new packages - Presto! Mr. Photo Platinum and Presto! VideoWorks Platinum, both with Presto! DVD Composer a DVD authoring tool. Presto! DVD composer allows the user to create DVDs and VCDs that can be played on a standard DVD player or a PC's CD/DVD drive. "NewSoft is now offering real solutions for users to combine their life with the PC and the home theater or share with friends much easier than ever before" Said James Li, President of NewSoft America.

Solutions for both images and video clips
With the increasing use of DVD players in the home, many people would like to share their family life with family and friends far away from home through low-cost and home-standard equipment. Now everyone can easily take those video clips shot with a DV Camcorder, or make the images into a slideshow, and convert them into a DVD or VCD, which can be played on a home DVD player. Unlike other software packages in the market that only provide partial and incomplete functions for authoring either an imaging DVD or Video DVD, Presto! DVD Composer comes with an all-in-one solution of Presto! VideoWorks Platinum Edition and Presto! Mr. Photo Platinum Edition. Both Platinum Editions offer complete a solution allowing the user to capture images and video, edit, produce, author and ultimately burn the finished production onto a DVD/VCD. Most importantly, this can be done with very little video or image editing experience.

Complete Package
Presto! DVD Composer will be packaged with Presto! VideoWorks and Presto! Mr. Photo to offer the user a complete multimedia solution. For the user with video hardware such as DV camcorders that need video editing and authoring solutions the new Presto! VideoWorks Platinum will now offer them all they need to make video productions that will stun family and friends. And for the user with stacks of digital images Presto! Mr. Photo Platinum will combine photo management and creativity to offer the user a utility that will output feature packed slideshows that can be recorded onto a DVD or VCD via Presto! DVD Composer.

Wizard with ready-made templates that makes it great
The average user does not have much idea about how to design a DVD from the ground up, so Presto! DVD Composer has it all there for the user to simply click the option they want. Complete with ready-made templates to make the process quick and easy. It can be as simple as following the wizard to turn the memories into a personalized DVD or VCD with interactive menus. By selecting the still images directly from the hard drive or another location, Presto! DVD Composer can create instant DVD slideshows. The duration of each slide can be configured complete with background music. A Professional Hollywood-style menu complete with startup video clip prior to the menu screen will help users amaze their family and friends. The background, style, clip frame, font and font size of the title and video title and layout can all be modified if the user wishes to add their own touches. A single disc can combine video and image slideshows, something previously requiring separate authoring packages.

Truly Compatible
Presto! DVD Composer interfaces directly with the latest DVD recorders as well as over 500 of the most popular CD-RW drives devices alleviating the need for additional burning software. Users can preview their masterpieces before recording so to save unwanted usage of discs. Options for burning include DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, VCD1.1, VCD2.0 in PAL and NTSC. "After editing a movie in Presto! VideoWorks or a set of pictures in Presto! Mr. Photo the user only needs to click on a button in either of the applications and following the steps to produce a professional-looking DVD that can be played on the home DVD player," concluded Li.

Presto! VideoWorks Platinum, which includes Presto! DVD Composer, is priced at US$99.95. And Presto Mr. Photo Platinum, including Presto! DVD Composer, is priced at US$79.95.