Go borderless with NewSoft at CEBIT 2003

Fremont, CA. - FEB. 2003 NewSoft America Inc., a leading provider of innovative software solutions for imaging and video devices, today announced the debut of Presto! BizCard 5 at CeBIT 2003. The comprehensive solution enables users to quickly and easily transfer information from business cards to their favorite contact management software - whether it is on a Windows based PC or Mac, laptop or handheld PDA. Presto! BizCard Reader enables users to easily transfer business card data to their contact files by sliding a card onto the scanner and pressing a single button. BizCard Reader scans the card and launches the OCR process. BizCard's Smart Field Identification Technology (SFIT) automatically moves the data to the correct fields (name, address, phone number, fax, email, etc.).

BizCard 5 uses Backend Recognition to reduce the time it takes to scan cards by allowing the user to continue scanning cards while they are recognized in the background.

Language Support
NewSoft is the only company to make available both Western and Eastern language versions of a business card software. And with a multi-lingual recognition engine users that travel or do international business, can easily scan cards and have them recognized even if the content is different from the installed language or language of the user interface. The user can now scan French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch cards without having to install different systems. Other Languages that are available include Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

For those users that would prefer to keep their private contacts in a different file from their business contacts, they can now do it by simply opening a new database. Portability of an entire database is a breeze as BizCard places all the information including contacts and the image files into one file. This means that if the user wants to move the database to another PC they merely need to copy the single files across. And searching for contacts is made easily by categorizing them in as many as up to 32 different types.

Export or Synch Contact Information
The data in the BizCard contact lists can be exported to any popular contact management software, including Outlook/Outlook Express, Symantec ACT!, Lotus Organizer, Lotus Notes, or Microsoft Excel. The BizCard software can also synchronize directly with a variety of handheld PDAs, including Palm, Windows CE and Pocket PC 2002.