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With the increased sales of DV camcorders and related equipment such as CD and DVD burning devices, the need for a software package that offers a user-friendly environment with powerful functions is definitely clear. "With the number of people that do have a DV camcorder in the home we wanted to create an application that is not only easy to use but offers that goods in terms of quality video. We want for the user to be able to give their production to others and amaze them," says James Li President of NewSoft America Inc.

Direct MPEG
Direct MPEGII, developed exclusively by NewSoft, has the ability to encode directly from a DV camcorder into MPEG II and in real time - depending on the processor speed - with outstanding professional quality. No more need to use large AVI files or wait for a long time for files to render and re-render. With this new technology the user is able to make DVDs without any loss of quality often associated with the capturing, editing and authoring that happens prior to the finished DVD.

A completely new UI for easy capturing and editing
VideoWorks now offers the user a guide-flow based video editing for simpler operation. This easy-to-follow tabular-based flow makes video editing extremely easy for everyone. It gives the user a logical way to go about editing their videos. Whether importing, editing or producing all the user needs to do is work their way along the tabs. And with the storyboard-based operations the new SDI (single document interface), a drag & drop operation and smooth playback in the editing mode gives the user a clear idea of what their finished video will look like.
Device control for DV means that the user does not need to worry about what's happening with the DV while using the PC and can concentrate on the UI. It also features scene detection when capturing.
Once the content is captured editing is now extremely easy with a slider operation, so the user can simply choose what to chop off or they can split a large files into two at the click of a button. There are also dozens of special effects and transitions that can be added to the videos to give that professional touch.

DVD Authoring
As with VideoWorks Platinum, VideoWorks 6 will offer DVD authoring to give the user that final touch to their video, so they can share it with family and friends with ease via a standard format of DVD, VCD or SVCD. The flow is extremely easy to follow and for those users that have very little experience they only need to click the next button to author their very own DVD. If the user is more experienced and is more demanding they can do everything from design the menu, add a startup video just like in commercial DVDs and many other things can be personalized.

Supported Files
Video: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLC, FLI, QT, MOV (Output): AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, RM
Audio: AVI, MOV, QT, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WAV (Output): WAV, MP2(MPA), RM, WMA