NewSoft Introduces WMS with Multiple Projectors Support at the Intel Developer Forum, Taipei

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Taipei, October 17-18, 2005– Today at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Taipei, NewSoft, a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, announced the addition of several new capabilities to their latest wireless system for enterprise users, WMS (Wireless Multimedia System).  WMS, an integrated hardware and software solution, includes a wireless broadcast application, Presto! WMS, and one or many hardware receiver adapters, that enable users to share screen-captured images and graphics in real-time through Ethernet and WLAN transmission. 

WMS implements the latest Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g technology to provide users with the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images from any Wi-Fi enabled PC or notebook, to multiple PCs, notebooks or SVGA /XVGA projectors incorporating hardware Wi-Fi receiver adapters.  NewSoft's high performance algorithm detects the differential regions of the screen resulting in the system's ability to present content at more than 15 frames per second on average for 11a/g.  As a result, users can wirelessly share oversized image files and PowerPoint files with embedded animation and video clips, in real-time.  Furthermore, with the latest version of WMS, users can also access the Internet through its bridge function embedded in the receiver box.
"Beyond the obvious business applications, NewSoft's WMS explores the latest approach in education and e-learning applications," says James Li, President of NewSoft.  "In a classroom environment, the 'one-to-many' wireless transmission capability allows students to receive content on their own PCs or notebooks from anywhere in the classroom.  Utilizing a wireless LAN transmission," Li continued, "WMS is ideal for both education training and corporate presentations alike, giving speakers complete broadcast control of their information and materials.  Meeting participants can receive content from the presenter, take notes and check related data all on the same notebook or PC, all at the same time."
WMS users can easily search information provided by senders through the channel scanning method and communication protocol without worrying about wireless parameters and settings.  Ideal for school and corporate presentations, NewSoft's WMS is easy to set-up, enabling users to configure a wireless environment in just a few steps. 

The new Presto! WMS will automatically be installed when the PC/notebook connects with the adapter, and is available directly from within the program.  Installed on the PC or notebook, Presto! WMS can search available receiver adapters under a standard wireless configuration.  Multiple adapters can then receive the same transmission content simultaneously when users select "Multiple Adapters" under advanced settings mode.  To ensure transmission security, Presto! WMS provides standard WEP encryption/decryption, enabling users to set their own passwords and prevent unauthorized access to the wireless network.