NewSoft Introduces its Newest DVD Solutions, Presto! VR Genius & Presto! Digital Converter, at WPC EXPO 2005

WPC EXPO 2005, TOKYO, October 26-29, 2005 – NewSoft, a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, today from Booth #4100 in the Recordable DVD Council Pavilion at WPC EXPO 2005, announced worldwide availability of its newest DVD solution, Presto! VR Genius and Presto! Digital Converter, both of which enable users to create DVD-Video discs that can be played on even more playback devices.

Presto! VR Genius Helps Open, Edit and Export Your DVD-VR video
NewSoft’s Presto! VR Genius is specifically developed for helping users edit DVD–VR format video recorded from DVD-RAM or DVD-RW camcorders/recorders.  It is easy enough to use for virtually any user, regardless of computer experience level, to quickly and easily open content that is in DVD–VR format and edit and organize the contents directly on the rewriteable disc itself.</p>
<p>With Presto! VR Genius, users can edit the DVD-VR format captured from their favorite TV shows, delete the unwanted clips such as commercials,  and further append exciting opening or ending video clips to make the video more even more fantastic.  They can also add personalized and customized menus to original DVD-VR content, and then create DVD-Video format discs that can be played on any standard home DVD player or DVD-equipped desktop or notebook computer.

"Consumers want to watch their favorite television programs when it is convenient for them, and truth be told, the majority will scan past all the commercial breaks." James Li, President of NewSoft Technology.  "Presto! VR Genius not only enables users to quickly and easily edit out unwanted content, but the newly edited content can also be saved in a read-anywhere, DVD-Video format that can be viewed from any DVD player, including your PC during your lunch break, your notebook during a flight, your DVD player in your car to keep the kids entertained while traveling; the options are endless."

Presto! Digital Converter Helps Convert Videotape to DVD Instantly
NewSoft’s Presto! Digital Converter, an integrated hardware and software solution, is specifically developed for helping users easily and quickly convert their videotapes to DVDs.  "Videotapes usually wear out after 10 to 15 years, and only if users can convert them to digital formats," James Li, President of NewSoft Technology.  "And Presto! Digital Converter is just specifically designed for anyone who wants to avoid losing valuable video memories and wish to upgrade his or her videotapes to DVDs."

Presto! Digital Converter package that includes a USB 2.0 A/V digital converter and a conversion application, can transform video to DVD from any device with AV-out or S-Video-out.  It provides two operation modes, "Convert Mode" or "Record Mode", to convert either entire videotape or multiple video segments to DVD.  Therefore, users can preserve special memories, and at the same time, remove some of the footage they want to omit from the final version.

Presto! Digital Converter supports almost all popular videotape formats, including VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Betamax and more, allowing more flexibility to do videotape conversion. Users can accordingly preserve and share those old tapes with family and friends in the best possible way.  Presto! Digital Converter also supports several DVD Formats, including DVD+VR and DVD-Video, and by supporting these formats, users not only can record DVD+VR formatted video to DVD+RW discs, but also create DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R or DVD-RW discs in DVD-Video format, which is compatible with most standard home DVD players.