NewSoft brings together computing and home entertainment with its latest version of Presto! PVR at CeBIT 2006

HANNOVER, GERMANY (March 9, 2006)–NewSoft America, Inc., a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, proudly announced its latest version of Presto! PVR, the total solution that brings together the best of computing and home entertainment, from Booth C1, Stand B16, Hall 22 of USA PC, Components & Peripherals Pavilion, at the CeBIT 2006. 

The easy-to-use interface lets users enjoy programs without any unneeded settings or complicated set-up operations. And, Presto! PVR supports standard DVB-T/Analog TV and video recorder features, including time-shifting, video editing and recording, sub-titling, teletext and more. Users will especially appreciate that their precious video data can be further recorded with included applets like Create Video Disc while also being edited by others such as Video Editing with ease. With Presto! PVR, all popular DVD formats are supported.

With a DVB-T/Analog Hybrid USB dongle, Presto! PVR allows users to watch and edit TV programs on their PC or laptops anywhere at home and make the most of their digital entertainment experience. “Presto! PVR is allowing users to watch and record TV programs with their PC or laptops,” says NewSoft President James Li. "With Presto! PVR, users can accordingly gain more control over their entertainment experience, determining what and when they want to watch."  Besides, NewSoft’s patented DTCM (Dynamic Transport Stream Control Mechanism) and Seamless Playback Technology enable the video to run smoothly and to recover by itself under unstable transmission conditions.

In addition to the DVB-T/Analog Hybrid USB dangle demonstrated at the show, Presto! PVR can further support a variety of connecting interfaces, including PCI, Card bus and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g technology.  With such versatility, not only can users watch TV on their PC or laptops, but also enable the digital video sender to broadcast DVB-T/Analog TV, AV to many PCs/laptops or hardware video receivers connected to PDP or LCD monitors, giving users more freedom to enjoy their home video entertainment.