NewSoft’s WVR Combines Wireless Broadcasting with Digital Home Compatibility at IDF

Wireless Video Relay (WVR) Gains DLNA 1.0-Compliance -- Offers Users Complete Interoperability
With Other Compliant Digital Home Appliances

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, March 7, 2006 – NewSoft, a leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, proudly announced at this week’s Intel Developer Forum (IDF), that its latest version of WVR (Wireless Video Relay) is fully compliant with v1.0 of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Home Networked Interoperability Guidelines. 

The new WVR enables a PC or embedded server applying the DLNA standard, to wirelessly broadcast MPEG 1/2 video, audio, or images using Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g technology to a PC client or a laptop enabling users to receive their favorite entertainment from anywhere within the comfort of their home.

Gaining compliance with DLNA Networked Interoperability Guidelines v1.0, assures users that the WVR's advanced compression technology will operate seamlessly with other DLNA-certified products throughout the digital home. The DLNA Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines v1.0 focus mainly on interoperability among networked consumer electronics (CE) devices and home PCs for media applications involving imaging, audio and video.

"The digital home will have a variety of products to serve users their favorite entertainment," says James Li, President of NewSoft. "WVR is ahead of the curve by ensuring that it not only enables the digital home to be a reality wirelessly for users, by becoming DNLA compliant it is also ensuring that users do not have to worry about compatibility issues when they want to broadcast their favorite digital entertainment on a variety of devices."