NewSoft Cuts AV Wires with Introduction of WVR 100A to NECC 2006 Attendees

Educators Learn How To Experience Video/TV/Closed Circuit Broadcasts Wirelessly on Wirelessly-Enabled PCs/Notebooks Without a Tuner Card
San Diego, CA – NECC 2006 (July 5, 2006)– This week at NECC 2006 (National Educational Computing Conference), NewSoft America, Inc. will showcase the Presto! WVR 100A, a powerful new wireless broadcast solution that enables users to experience their video, television and closed circuit content from anywhere within the reach of the broadcast signal. Adopting industry standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless technology and featuring NewSoft's proven Presto! WVR software, WVR 100A transforms Windows-based laptops into portable TVs, allowing users to watch, record and playback video and television programming without the constraints of cables or requiring the installation of a hardware tuner card.

"WVR 100A is an ideal solution for a broad range of wireless video applications," says James Li, President of NewSoft. "Compact, powerful and economically priced, it offers home users exceptional flexibility for their home video entertainment systems.  But in learning and other closed circuit environments that have traditionally been restricted by cables, these locations can now broadcast and receive that same high-quality digital content when cost or location limits wired access."

WVR 100A provides several powerful technologies, including a unique AV broadcasting ability, seamless viewing capability, a high-performance DVD burning kernel, an enhanced MPEG transcoding process and Dynamic Transport Stream Control Mechanism (DTCM) error handling mechanism that automatically corrects signals received under unstable signal environments, thus ensuring a smooth reception.

WVR 100A can be used as a personal DVR, enabling the user to set the solution to record upcoming programming, time-shift to pause and review content, even burn content to DVD for even greater viewing flexibility.  Comprised of a hardware digital video transmitter and NewSoft's Presto! WVR software, WVR 100A supports MPEG-2 recording, enabling users to record their content to either a hard drive or DVD for later review.

WVR 100A Includes:
- WVR 100A TX (transmitter)
- NewSoft's Presto! WVR for video recording and editing
- Time-shifting capability
- Dynamic Transport Stream Control Mechanism (DTCM)
- Seamless playback technology
- High-performance DVD burning kernel
- Enhanced MPEG transcoding process

During NECC 2006, attendees can test Presto! WVR software and the complete WVR 100A hardware-software solution along with other new products at NewSoft's booth, #4331 & 4332 of the San Diego Convention Center.

For more details on this product in the NewSoft Developer Product Section, please visit the http://www.newsoftinc.com page regarding its software features.

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