PVR 5.x > Hardware compatibility & driver problem > Why does PVR fail to scan the Digital TV channels?
The problem may occur for one of the following reasons.
1. The software and device driver are installed improperly.
2. The operating system doesn't match the system requirements.
3. The digital TV signal is not strong enough.
You can try one or more of the following suggestions:
1. Make sure the software and device driver are installed properly.
2. Adjust the digital antenna and try moving to a different area to get a better signal.
    Also, you may want to consider buying an active antenna.
3. Un-install the PVR, then reboot the system and re-install the program.
4. Contact Find the latest update from the hardware manufacturer's website.
5. Contact the hardware manufacturer for further support.
If you cannot reach the hardware manufacturer, please provide us with the PVR version number and Product ID for further help.
You can find the version number and product ID by following these steps.
1. The version number :
    Open the file, HPVR5.ini, from C:\Program Files\NewSoft\Presto! PVR, Version = 5.xx.xx (your version number) should be displayed in the dialog box.
2. Product ID :
    Open the file, LUTRAY.ini, from C:\Program Files\NewSoft\Presto! PVR, ProductName = Txxxxxx (your product ID) should be displayed in the dialog box.