PageManager 9 - Software patches download

9.x (Retail for Mac)
2012-03-05Mac OS version

1. Applies to these versions.
v9.00.08, v9.00.19, v9.00.20, v9.20.01
2. Applies to Mac OS X 10., 10.5, 10.6, 10.7(Intel only)
3. Updates the known problems when scaning to Cloud and string issues.
4. Updates the problem when convert to searchable PDF file.
5. Updates the status bar when switching between folders on Google Docs.
6. Updates the incorrect time zone between Cloud and system.
7. The version changes to 9.20.02 after installing.
9.x (Brother for Mac OS 10.10)
2015-03-021. Support Mac 10.10.
2. Support ICA driver.
3. Only apply to the specific Brother TWAIN name for legal users.
4. Improve OCR quality for RTF format.
9.x (Brother for Windows OS)
2016-01-191. The patch only applies to version 9.28.00, 9.35.11 and PM9.52.03.
2. The version changes to 9.52.21 after updating.
3. Support Windows 10.